I write about the future of food and the connections between our food systems, the environment and public health.

person eating a seaweed salad

The untapped potential of algae to transform our diets

Algae just might have superpowers. Packed with nutrients, including high levels of protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, some species are considered a ‘complete’ food. Algae can confer immune support and have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the likelihood of cancer...   Read more


Why should we eat lab-grown meat?

Lab-grown meat represents one of the most radical innovations to reach our modern food systems. Imagine a world in which we can create ‘real’ meat by growing animal cells in a controlled environment, bypassing the need to kill the animal...   Read more

Cows standing in a field

Will lab-grown meat really be good for animal welfare?

Lab-grown meat offers the tantalising prospect of a new relationship with our food producing animals: one that doesn’t require their death in order for us to consume meat. Cultured meat is also promoted as an opportunity for creating a healthier,...   Read more

Strategic Policy and Research Advisory

on food, the environment and human health

I’m Elta Smith, an independent researcher and writer who generates ideas and produces insights for people who care deeply about food, the environment and human health.

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My projects have addressed pressing issues related to antimicrobial resistance, climate change, open science, emerging technologies, biodiversity, and consumer behaviours. I believe that making better decisions means embracing complexity and the interrelationships between what we know and how we act.


Sustainable use of pesticides

The use of pesticides, including their health and environmental risks, is an issue of high societal concern in the EU. It’s a polarised topic, with strong views about their benefits and harms. The EU already has one of the strictest...   Read more


Producer cooperation and agricultural sustainability

The EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides direct income support to farmers, market measures to enhance food security, and development measures to promote rural economies. The CAP recognises the need to address welfare and distributional concerns for producers and promotes...   Read more


National Food Strategy

Food touches every part of our lives. But the way it’s produced, distributed, marketed and consumed raises serious policy questions. The National Food Strategy is an independent review that considers how the UK food sector currently works and what options...   Read more


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