The future of food

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person eating a seaweed salad

The untapped potential of algae to transform our diets

23 November 2022
Algae just might have superpowers. Packed with nutrients, including high levels of protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, some species are considered a ‘complete’ food. Algae can confer immune support and have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the likelihood of cancer... Read more

Why should we eat lab-grown meat?

8 July 2022
Lab-grown meat represents one of the most radical innovations to reach our modern food systems. Imagine a world in which we can create ‘real’ meat by growing animal cells in a controlled environment, bypassing the need to kill the animal... Read more
Cows standing in a field

Will lab-grown meat really be good for animal welfare?

20 May 2022
Lab-grown meat offers the tantalising prospect of a new relationship with our food producing animals: one that doesn’t require their death in order for us to consume meat. Cultured meat is also promoted as an opportunity for creating a healthier,... Read more
woman holds a lab-grown meat burder

Are we ready for lab-grown meat?

22 April 2022
I remember the news headlines back in 2013 when the first lab-grown beef was ready to eat… The most striking of these, to me, were those that focused on the price tag: ‘Building a $325,000 Burger’ And rather amusingly: ‘A... Read more
plates of alternative proteins

What do we eat, if we eat less meat?

14 March 2022
Several years ago, my husband and I decided to stop eating meat for a month. Both of us love steaks, sausages, burgers and…the most irresistible of all meats, to my mind at least: bacon. For many years we had sourced... Read more

Resilience in our food systems

5 October 2021
Resilience. This one word to me encapsulates everything about the challenges of the last year and the path out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resilience is the capacity to face adversity and remain strong, but also to be open to change,... Read more
3D-printed chocolate

Is 3D printing the future of food?

17 August 2021
The year is 2035. Sitting at my desk, later than usual finishing up the day’s work, I open an app on my smartphone and search for ‘pizza’. ‘You have the ingredients for that’ pings back to me and I click... Read more
insect burger

Why aren’t we eating (more) insect protein

17 August 2021
A lot has been written about the potential for insect proteins to become part of our diets. The topic has been investigated in the scientific literature for more than 30 years.  Much of this research has tried to account for... Read more
eating insects

Why we aren’t eating (more) insects

17 August 2021
I recently wrote about the potential for insect proteins to shape human and animal diets. Despite decades of research and hype, insects have not become a mainstream food in westernised cultures. Many factors are responsible for the current state of... Read more
pathogens in food

Rethinking the safety of our food systems

9 May 2021
How safe is our food? We probably don’t consider food safety all that often. As with so many things, however, COVID-19 made us think about issues that often go unnoticed. Could the virus be transmitted on food or food packaging?... Read more
cows and GHG emissions

What role does our diet play in climate change?

30 April 2021
When we talk about climate change, we often talk about transportation and energy use. Before Covid-19 brought most travel to a standstill, I regularly heard friends and colleagues talk about how they were trying to reduce their carbon footprint by... Read more
wonky carrots

Why I love wonky carrots

23 April 2021
As I was preparing dinner the other night, my husband wandered into the kitchen and looking at the vegetables next to the chopping board said, apropos of nothing — ‘that’s some wonky carrot!’ Indeed, it was. A totally crooked carrot... Read more
rhubarb in soil

Cutting through complex problems in our food systems

19 April 2021
Our food systems are complex, and they represent a dynamic and interdependent set of problems, as well as opportunities. Over the last eight weeks I’ve focused on the problems. This week I want to start looking more closely at the... Read more
complexity on a blackboard

Food systems complexity: a call to action

9 April 2021
Our food systems are complex and interdependent with other systems such as the environment and health. This makes it difficult to identify solutions to the crises of inequality, health, safety, sustainability and stability affecting our food systems.  Over the last... Read more